FreeDebks logo FreeDebks (free double entry bookkeeping system) is a double entry accounting software, which aims to be simple and versatile. Target users are private people, association and even small firms. Basic knowledges in accounting are required in order to use FreeDebks.

FreeDebks spirit is to impose as few rules as possible, to confer the user the biggest freedom possible. Hence, user can create their own chart of accounts et has to enter manually, through interfaces, accounting results (cash flow, profits, ...) and closing entries.

FreeDebks is no ERP.

FreeDebks is an open source software distributed under the terms of the GPLv3 license.


December 6th, 2012

FreeDebks version 1.0.3 is out.
This is a minor bugfix.

July 13th, 2012

FreeDebks version 1.0.2 is out.
Bug fixes :
* Headers and footers are printed in the right color.
* Buttons have default icons, in case the system provide none.

December 11th, 2011

FreeDebks version 1.0.1 is out.
This is a bug fix : results will now be always computed correctly.

August 10th, 2011

FreeDebks version 1.0 is out.