FreeDebks  1.0.3
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Write entries

Click on Journal tab, the Edit >> Add line. An entry contains the following fields :

  • Date : the entry date, must be between min and max dates set while creating a new accounting.
  • Object : a physical proof of the entry. It is not necessary to fill this field.
  • Label : the entry label. FreeDebks uses labels to match similar entries and help user to quickly write repeated operations.
  • Debit : you have to fill either this or the next field. FreeDebks will help you complete the account id.
  • Debit account : debit account label. You can fill this field by writing either an account id or a label.
  • Credit : behaves like Debit.
  • Credit account : behaves like Debit account.
  • Amount : the entry amount.

When entries are written, you can dispatch them into accounts with the command Accounting >> Recompute all.

Next step : Create a new year.